S J Andrews writes stories inspired by great cities, classic jazz and blues music, and old noir fiction. He grew up on a diet of the cosy crimes of Agatha Christie and the hardboiled mysteries of Raymond Chandler and Lawrence Block. His tastes haven't changed much. The Highgate Murder is the first of a mystery series featuring Mike Seferis, P.I., and is perhaps a blend of those influences. He lives, works and writes in London, where his novels are set. 

P.I. Mike Seferis loves a mystery. He takes on a routine case concerning squabbling neighbours just because the client is an enigma who won’t divulge the whole truth. His instincts tell him that the case is more than it seems, and his instincts are right. His investigation takes him from the big houses of Hampstead to the criminal underbelly of Soho to the hidden corners of Highgate Cemetery, as he unravels a web of deceit, corruption and dark family secrets. As the trauma of his own past threatens to engulf him, Mike Seferis determines to solve The Highgate Murder.